Tips and Useful Advice

On this page, we hope you will find some useful advice from people who have been where you are, if not please do not hesitate to contact us, with any thoughts that may prove useful.


Radar Keys

Here is a link to get a Radar Key, especially for the Disabled Toilets in many public areas.
You can ask at your local Council – they will supply one.
I ordered a 2nd one from here as a spare to leave in my car –               Christine


In Case of Emergency (ICE)

The other week my husband came up with a great idea for the now redundant tax disc space on the car windscreen (UK): – I C E (In Case of Emergency) Info!! We measured the space, then I did a circular template on the computer, and entered for both of us NHS numbers; conditions, medication; home telephone number; 2 x next of kin with contact numbers and doctor’s telephone number. We also used a photo of the two of us, with the words “I C E INFO”. There were 3 pages of information (we each took up one page with our conditions and meds!), so 5 in all, as a photo on top and the other side too (one showing outside and one showing inside the car). I hope I have described this well enough; it all makes a round booklet, the size of an old tax disc. Needless to say I hope this is never used, but should the worst happen the emergency services will have all they need to know in an easy to get to place –                    Anne

4 UP

This is a group aimed at helping unemployed or disabled fold in the UK talk about problems, post info, share material relating to unemployment issues etc.

Click Here for link to 4 UP’s Facebook Page


Citizens Advice

Click Here for Citizens Advice Website



Remap is a very special charity, working through a nationwide network of dedicated volunteers. They use their ingenuity and skills to help people with disabilities to achieve much-desired independence in some aspect of their lives, or to enjoy leisure opportunities previously closed to them.

Remap’s unique pieces of special equipment are tailor-made and given free to the people who need them.

Remap has 80 panels across England, Wales and northern Ireland, and helps 4000 people with disabilities each year.                                                                                         Christine



3 thoughts on “Tips and Useful Advice

  1. What helps me: I always have a 4″ deep cushion with me to make it easier to get up from a chair. Mine has a carrying handle but I have also seen them with a long handle to put over a shoulder or across the body. I find using a four wheeled Rollator much safer than walking sticks or crutches. Mine has a seat which I use when I get tired while walking. My Rollator is very light, stable and safe with a two way break, one to control the speed of descending a slope and the other to lock on for sitting and standing up again. The Rollator is nice and high so standing is easy, especially with my cushion on board as well. If you need a Taxi always ask for a high car like a 4×4 or SUV to get out of easily, but not a mini bus which involves a high narrow step. Avoid a wheelchair for as long as possible as walking is the best form of exercise for people living with IBM. If you have one, use your exercise bike at least once a day for at least 10 mins. Try not to sit for more than an hour at a time. Get up and move around or at least do some ankle circling exercises for good blood circulation. Always book assisstance at airports. This has to be provided by law in Europe for those that need it. And finally, always carry your Radar Key and/or a soft raise for a toilet seat in a discreet bag! Does anyone else have anymore ideas?


    1. Great tips Patsy, thank you for sharing.
      I have DM but relate to the vehicle and the radar key.
      My tip is to keep a diary. I have always kept one and it has proved invaluable since getting this in 2003.
      Look forward to more Tips here.
      I will look in the MFSN Facebook group files, see if there are any I can copy to this link.


      1. Hello Christine, thank you acknowledging my tips. I like yours about the diary, a good way of jogging the memory! If you come up with any more tips I would be very interested. I would like a gadget to help me put socks and tights on as my fingers don’t work very well now. Any ideas?


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